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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boxes have been delivered.

I delivered the boxes to the hospital yesterday. What a great feeling that is!! I sincerely hope that whoever recieves them will be able to capture many memories of their little angel.

I also donated these little hats that I knitted. I need to get making some more.

Currently I have 3 purple, 3 blue and 1 pink box that need to be filled and perhaps painted with a cute picture or design on the top of the box. Anyone who is interested in painting, please let me know. You can either buy a box (perferably photo boxes) of your own to donate or you can use one of the ones that I have here. The only thing is that they need to be sealed in such a way that the paint won't come off. I am going to look around to find out what the best sealer is.
Thanks again to everyone who helped with the previous boxes. Some of your items weren't used but will be used in the next set of boxes. Your support is much appreciated!


Jo said...

Hi Terri! I love the boxes... you did a great job! I wish I had gotten one when I lost Lilly!!

Congratulations Girlfriend :)


Kimberlee said...

look at those hats. You did a great job. I am currently knitting a preemie hat but it is going slower than I would like.

Those are beautiful and I am sure will be very appreciated.

Jocelyn said...

OMG, I love the one with the ribbon!! They are all so cute...

Tyla'sMommy said...

the one with the ribbon, I kept. It was my first one and... well it's for my daughter. *sigh* I wish she could wear it. But the rest of them I donated. :)