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Friday, March 30, 2007

a great deal!

I was at the dollar store today (where else would I be?) and I happened upon these photo frames.... for 50 cents each! I grabbed them all... 24 in total. They were originally $2.00 each, so this is a great deal!

In recent months, I have been going to the various dollar stores on a regular basis. I have been grabbing as many items as I can for the memory boxes. One of my favorite items are these bears and rabbits that are the perfect size for the boxes.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to start grabbing the entire stock when the plain bears were still there but I have grabbed them all since. Sometimes there are as many as 30 of them. They are so cute. I hope that they bring a smile to someone's face. Loosing a baby is so hard, but sometimes little things like this can make a bereaved parent smile through the pain.

These bears and rabbits are about the size of my palm. This is a perfect size for memory boxes as many of these babies are going to be very small in size. Many of them are not full gestational age. My own daughter was just short of 26 weeks gestation when she was born, and was only 1 lb. in weight.

My hope is that parents will have the opportunity to take as many photos of their babies as possible. These bears and rabbits will serve as props in the photographs. Every baby deserves a stuffed animal. My daughter never got to hold her teddy bear, as unfortunately, it was not part of the memory box I was given, and the hospital "forgot" to give it to us. This is something that I hope will never happen again, and so, each box will contain a stuffed animal.


Tiffany said...

cute bears and bunnies. We didn't receive anything from the hospital except some papers on grieving. But we were given a small purple teddy bear when we found out we were pregnant. The card said "We know you are just hoping for a healthy baby, but wouldn't it be nice if it was a girl too!" Well we had a girl but she was born too early to survive.

Tyla'sMommy said...

:( That's so sad Tiffany. ((HUGS))

Dana said...

I like the frames. Suggestion: remove the pictures that come inside. I think seeing happy babies at the time of a loss would be difficult. (sigh)

Tyla'sMommy said...

Hi dana, I didn't see your comment until now. I have already removed all the photos from the insides of the frames, I had the same thought as you that it would be upsetting to the parents.