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Sunday, April 1, 2007

What to do with these boxes?

I got these boxes last month. I liked the way they looked and figured I could paint something on them to make them a little nicer.

But when I took off the shrink wrap and opened the boxes up. They were BLACK on the inside. I don't know if that has something to do with them being photo boxes, but I have other photoboxes that are not black on the inside.

So obviously, I don't want to give them out like this because Black is too depressing. So, the question is, what do I do with these boxes?

I am considering maybe some fabric? If I used fabric, how would I attach it? With my glue gun? would that work or would it come apart later on, especially if the reciever of the box removes items from it on a regular basis, would it come loose?

Any other suggestions would be wonderful.


Generally, I have been trying to steer away from rectangle boxes because of their coffin like shape. However, when I got my heartshaped box from the hospital, I felt it looked like a coffin too as my husband carried it on our way out of the hospital. So I am not sure if using rectangle boxes is really a big deal. What do you all think?


If I could get enough local volunteers, I might steal Liz's (A Small Victory) idea for having a box decorating party. I think that would be not only productive, but also a lot of fun!

If you are local, and are interested in something like this, give me a shout.


Shea said...

Hi Terri. I didn't really have an idea on the boxes but I wanted to say hi.

Liz said...

I get photo boxes and put a few scrapbook stickers on them. I'm not sure about the black insides either though. Maybe you could spray the insides with spray glitter and then a fixative (so it wouldn't get all over the stuff) then the black isn't as bad. I actually prefer rectangle boxes because they can fit more stuff. We also got a heart shaped box for Janell and we couldn't fit anything in it. I like that almost a whoe kit can fit in a photo box.

Allison said...

We could tape them off and spray paint the insides. I agree, black might be depressing...

Tiffany said...

A box decorating party is a great idea!! You'll get so many different styles and it'll give you more ideas too!!

I think as far as covering the inside of the box you could use fabric and maybe continue it outside the box just a bit and put a ribbon on the edge to cover the edge of the ribbon.

The spray painting sounds like a good idea too-but make sure it is acid free and safe for archival so it won't damage the items inside the box.