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Saturday, April 14, 2007


I have done a quick inventory of the items that I currently have. I probably have missed a few things since I don't quite have a system set up yet.

This is what I have so far:

Bears: 15 with hearts
1 without heart

Bunnies: 59

candles: 2

Photoframes: 11- 2x3 frames , 14- 2x2 frames, two - 4x6 frames

miniture photo albums: 2

hooded towels: 2

Boxes: 3 partly full, 3 empty

My ultimate goal is 25 boxes in July and 25 in January. Right now I do not think I will achieve my goal for July 2007, but I still hope to get more than I already have done.

As you can see from above, we're in need of several items to fill these boxes up.

A list of some things that I'd like to put in the boxes:

Teddy Bear or other stuffed animal
Photo Album
Photo Frame
Disposable Camera (even though the hospital now has a digital camera)
Package of Tissues
Baby Washcloth
Journal & Pen
Envelope or other item for lock of hair
Hand/foot molding clay
Cardstock for hand and footprints

Since right now we are doing ok for stuffed animal and photo frames, we're hoping to find other items for the memory boxes and the boxes themselves. If you wish to donate, please send me a message. Again I stress that we are NOT a non-profit organization as of yet so donating will be only out of the goodness of your heart. Again, this is why we do not ask for monetary donations.

Will keep you posted as time goes along.


Jocelyn said...

A suggestion: Some of the items you have listed come in different sizes (like picture frames) so you might want to include specifications for items like that. :-)

Jocelyn said...

OK, I guess picture frames was a bad example since you already have sizes listed for your current frames...but you get the idea, lol.

Tyla'sMommy said...

the bears and bunnies are all about the size of my palm, but they can be slightly bigger. However we don't want them to be much bigger than our hands because most of these babies are going to be very small. I do have enough for the time being (although I'll accept more for future use) but the rest of the items are pretty standard, and the boxes should be no bigger than the size of a photobox and not too small either, as I would like to fit most, if not all of the items inside the boxes neatly enough to close the box. That was my mistake with the first box I got, it was big but it was round so I could not close the box. Instead I wrapped it in clear gift wrap. But that is not ideal for future boxes.

Liz said...

50 boxes in one year is a lot, just so you know. Our goal for yr 1 (MAY 06-DEC 06) was 12 and for year 2 (JAN 07-DEC 08) is 40. We've, so far, only done 6 kits this year. 6 more soon though. Also, you should tally how much each box costs. Each individual item plus the box. Ours are $100ea. If I but 6 at a time they are $90ea.

Tyla'sMommy said...


thanks for bring up something else for me to consider. I guess I chose 50 for the sole reason being that the hospital says they have approximately 50 losses of babies over 20 weeks gestation a year. Perhaps I stretch myself thin, because I really want to be there for each of those parents. But you're right, 50 is probably too much. I will do what I can for this year. So far, besides the one I already gave to the hospital, I have a few others that are almost full.