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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Off-Topic.... does anyone know...??

Does anyone know if there's a way to search Blogger for blogs on a certain topic? I haven't yet figured that out. I have tried "search" but it looks like it only searches in whatever blog is currently open for your keyword. I have clicked the "next blog" and looked through that way, but I so often come across other languages I don't understand or topics that I have no interest in.

Just curious, that's all! :)


Jocelyn said...

See if this helps: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=42541&topic=8931 The page where I found that link said that only some of those methods still work, but hopefully you can figure out which ones :)

-- Signed, The Link Queen!

Jocelyn said...

Let's see if I can make that link clickable:


Much better :-)

Allison said...

searching , no, but I just signed up to an RSS feed for your blog here! :-)