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Saturday, August 25, 2007

5 boxes complete! *photos added*

With exception of the papers I am adding to them, the 5 boxes are complete! I will add a photo to this later when I have a moment. Hopefully I'll be able to get them to the hospital this week.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with donations. Keep coming back to this blog for updates. I will get started on the next 5 right away! Anyone in the area who is interested in painting a box please let me know!

One lesson I learned: never use a box smaller than a photo box. 3 of the boxes I just completed were smaller and it was quite a tight fit to get everything in. Even though they were bigger than the box I recieved, they did not work well for putting all the items in and I think putting all the items in makes it that much better.

Erasing pain is impossible. Adding a little happiness is easy. If only one mom smiles through her pain at recieving these boxes.... then I have done my job.

the three smaller boxes

this is what it looks like inside.
As you can see it's quite jammed-packed.
I wont' use this size again unless I have to.

The two larger boxes. They are photo boxes and
already had the design on so I thought they looked
nice enough to leave as is.

Inside. Much more room. The one on the right
is a bit more packed because the blanket was
bigger and thicker.

Thanks again for your support and generosity.


DanaDew said...

Ter, I just love the boxes you made and put together! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You are truly a gift to the world, my friend. A true gift!

Allison said...

I still have two more cameras and card stock I'm dropping off tonight. I've had them since Friday night... sigh.

Those boxes look wonderful. I've been telling a few people about your program and they think you are an angel too. :-)

Jocelyn said...

Those boxes are soooo nice! Everything looks wonderful and I know the parents will be so grateful to get them. Good job!! (((HUGS)))