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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thanks Allison!

Thank you, Allison, for the air dry clay you donated to TYLA Treasures. :) Every bit helps, and I appreciate it. I'm sure that the parents who recieve the items will appreciate it as well.

Makin's Clay: Air Dry Clay to use as molds
for hands and feet.


Allison said...

Ok, I'm like one of the only people who hasn't had to go through this horrible ordeal... so forgive my ignorant questions, I don't mean to cause any offence.

Would it be good to maybe include some "instructions" on what to do with the clay? Just simple, shape it in your hands, make a circle or a rectangle, place hands or feet in clay to make an impression" type instructions?

I appreciated it with my daughter, but she wasn't born sleeping. Terri was explaining to me yesterday that just having the cameras in the memory boxes prompts parents to take pictures, and more so, to realize that they CAN take photos, which is even more important.

That got me thinking... Maybe someone won't know what to do with the clay? I wouldn't want someone to not know why it was there, and then regret not having foot prints. I know that many hospitals will do plaster of paris prints (my cousin has plaster foot prints like that.) but not all will. Is this a silly idea? I have my daughters in a shadow box.

Tyla'sMommy said...

No, it's not silly at all. Yesterday I actually opened the package to see what the instructions said but it really didn't say anything. So I think your suggestion is actually a good one.

Definately, having a camera given to you lets you know you can take photos. One of the reasons I could not get the words out about my own camera is that I wasn't really sure I could take pictures. Well, I knew I could because she was MY child but I still couldn't just do it. I felt like I had to ask. I asked my husband and he said that he wasn't sure if we could and we just both couldn't say anything when the nurses came in. Definately one of my biggest regrets. Also because we thought they were taking better photos for us, since they took her to the back to take pics. I thought they would be like the "official hospital photo". I am stil trying to find out if they took any official photos. Most hospitals do not, but some do. I don't think ours was one of them (hopefully that will change)