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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Little booties, etc.

Today I was at Zellers and I saw these little ornament booties. I thought they were just ornaments but as I looked at them I realized they were almost the exact size of my daughter's feet.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that they open up and could be used as real booties. The only thing that I'd have to do is cut off the strings that make them ornaments. Or perhaps, I could leave them on so that the parents can hang them up somewhere? What's your take on that?

Here's a pic of the ornament:

Here's the ornament next to my thumb (please ignore the fact that my thumb is dry and cracked and could use a manicure)

and now here's my thumb next to my daughter's footprint, to show the size and how those booties would've fit her quite well.

I bought every one in the store, there were only 4. They were only 99 cents each. I am going to keep one for myself, so I can use it as a symbol for my daughter's tiny perfect feet, but I am going to donate the others to the hospital.

If you happen to go to Zellers while the Christmas stuff is still up, and you see these little booties, buy them and I will reimburse you if necessary.

If you knit, perhaps you could use these booties as an idea for how big to make booties for the micro-premies.


I was at Michaels today and I noticed that the photo boxes were again 3 for $5 so I bought 3 white ones. Of course I forgot to look for Makin's Clay, but the last time I had looked they only had the glow-in-the-dark ones and other colors, but not plain nor white.

I need to get at least 3 for the boxes that I have ready to go to the hospital. I really would like to take them in before Christmas or have someone take them for me. I have everything else for these 3 boxes.


If anyone would like to volunteer to decorate boxes, I currently have

2 purple
3 white
2 blue
1 pink



Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

OMG Ter!! I love the booties! They are ADORABLE!! What an excellent addition to the memory boxes! I think you should leave the strings on so that parents can hang them up if they want to... or they can cut them off if they want to :)

Also... the boxes pictured in your 28 Nov post are GORGEOUS! Colleen does an AMAZING job!!!


DanaDew said...

Oh, Ter, those booties are wonderful! I keep waffleing back and forth regarding the string issue. But then, after reading Jo's comment, I realized that people will certainly think to cut the string if they want to put the booties on their baby's feet. Perhaps leaving the string on will give them the option of using it as an ornament....Oh, I don't know. Why don't you post a poll?

Keep up the good work Tyla's Mommy!


Joc(e) said...

I love the booties and I also like Jo's suggestion that you leave the strings on and let the recipients decide whether or not to cut them. For yourself I think if you want to cut them, go for it!

Thanks for posting the other info...one of these days I will have enough brain power to figure out how best to help your organization. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri I have finally actually sat and read your blog, I hope you know what an amazing person you are and how much you have helped people, not only by devoting yourself to these boxes, which I must say are amazing and I would have loved something like this, but also by the way you always take the time to be there fot myself and so many other people. I just had to say something and I hope you know how much I appreciate the many times you have listened to me cry!
Thank you,
You'll Always be in my heart